Blog #8 – Secession Talk in 2009? Are you kidding me?

Wow!  I tell ya, guys and gals, I couldn’t have planned this little TEA party tax protest and the resultant secession talk any better if I had tried. 

Hundreds, if not thousands of people are angry about the way their tax money is being wasted on bailout progams and CEO / executive bonuses, and Fox News Channel personalities apparently helped organize these TEA (Taxed Enough Already) parties nationwide.  Conservative talk radio is fanning the flames with overheated rhetoric, and

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If that wasn’t enough, Texas governor Rick Perry mentioned that Texas might have to hitch up its horse and go find another nation to be a part of.  See the New York Times quote below (1):

It has long been part of Texas folk mythology that because the state was once an independent republic, it has the option of seceding. But historians and law professors say there has been no serious argument since the Civil War on behalf of a legal basis for a state’s secession.

Like many other Texans, however, Mr. Perry still treats leaving the Union as a possibility.

When we came into the Union in 1845, one of the issues was that we would be able to leave if we decided to do that,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “My hope is that America, and Washington in particular, pay attention. We’ve got a great Union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, who knows what may come of that?”

Who knows what may come of that?  We know what happens, Governor Perry!  620,000 Americans died the last time states followed up with that threat.  The federal government won that fight in 1865 and left the losers devastated for at least a generation and millions impoverished and African Americans living in a Jim Crow nation for almost 100 years. 

Sorry if I’m going off on a little rant here, but what Gov. Perry is doing is pandering to the right wing in his home state of Texas.  It’s going to be reelection time soon, and he is getting some serious pressure from current Texas U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson for the Republican nomination.  So, here he is capitalizing on some anti-DC rhetoric and sentiment in order to pander for votes.  Well, the same thing – partisanship – helped split the nation apart back in the 1850s – South vs. North.  Whig vs. Democrat.  Republican vs. Democrat. 


Question: Can you see this kind of partisanship lead to more talk of secession?  Why or why not? 

We’ve had two impeachment proceedings within the past 35 years (one for Nixon -R, one for Clinton -D), and the party in charge of Congress has swung back and forth a couple of times in the past 20 years.   There has been bitter fighting between the parties over many things since Watergate, and it hasn’t let up since. 

150 words minimum. 

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17 thoughts on “Blog #8 – Secession Talk in 2009? Are you kidding me?

  1. The idea of secession is a very bad one. Any state even thinking about leaving the United States should think again. Texas governor Rick Perry has mentioned secession from the United States during a “Tea-Party”. I do not think that the he will continue to talk about leaving the United States, I think he just wanted to Washington to do something about the recent economic struggle. I also do not think that more partisanship will lead to more talk of sucession. Because both the Democratic and Republican parties know that states cannot handle being alone right now, espacially with the economic situation. Most of the other states are smart enough to know that leaving would be a very bad idea. Governor Perry may have just said those things to get reelected, but partisanship is not a good idea right now. We all need to work together(Republicans and Democrats)make things better. We have to act as one, and work as one, if we won’t to continue to grow. If we do not, then we may not get out of this economic problem.

    -Maher A.

  2. First of all, Gov. Perry needs to chill out and stop being so immature. I don’t think secession will happen anytime soon, because it’s just a bunch of “talk”
    right now. If Texas did want to leave the United States, that would give the US a bad name. Don’t you agree? It would show how weak the US is at dealing with it’s issues and not being able to work as a team. The Republicans and Democrats need to come together and find a happy medium, just like Maher said.The economic struggle is terrible for many, not just Texans. If we work together, and hopefully if our economy gets better, things may be a bit better. Gov. Perry seems a little too opinionated, stating that Texas will leave because they CAN; and in 1845, they decided to be apart of the US and can leave if they want to. Oy! Give me a break. Even though I am not truely up to date on this TEA Party bussiness, I still say this is a bit wacky. Come on America!

    Joshua F

  3. The fact that any person is threating to secede right now is downright ridiculus. Currently, America is in a economic depression; spererating ourselves into multiple nations will weaken our power incredibly. We probably wouldn’t trade goods and services with each other. Not to mention our military power would be halved, and pointed at each other! If that happens, we will collapse. The war playes an important part as well. We spend billions of dollars daily in this war; without taxes we couln’t fund it. Whether the war is good or not doesn’t matter, but ending cold turkey would be suicide. The ideas of these people simply don’t work right. However, I can see this partisanship lead to more talk of secession. These “Tea” people don’t seam to fully grasp how taxes or the economy work, and will probably continue to say ignorant things like this. Governor Perry probably only mentioned secession because these “Tea” people want “their way or the highway.” Unfortunently, these people seam bent on getting just that. I just hope they realise their ideas will fail in this economy…

  4. Govern Perry’s allegations on secession in 2009, are immoral. Along with the “TEA” party scandal, which is ridiculous. Although we live in America, the land of the free. That does not mean we Americans should stop “thinking before we speak”. If Texas were to succeed the United States, that would encourage other states to succeed also. In our national anthem, we joyfully sing about 50 states, not 49. The Republican and Democratic party need to settle they’re difference and disputes, for the good of the nation. Statistics show we are fighting the most expensive war in the history of the United States. When Gov. Perry talks about a succession with Texas, due to the rise in taxes. I can speak for a vast amount of people, when I say “shove it”. Gov. Perry and his supports seem to have a lot of pride. But we are one nation, divided we fall, and together we stand.

  5. I think that the whole thing about recession might be a true thing but I am sure that America, and since this is a worldwide situation regarding the economy the rest of the world will find a way out. It could be really hard and it’s going to take many years but we will fix everything. And that’s why I think that Gov. Perry is saying about leaving the United States is only because he wants this radical change to happen right now but he will have to wait for a little bit and I’m pretty sure that America would not be the same with 49 states! But I think that now in this hard period the republican and democrat party should understand that if they get along they could make a huge difference.

  6. I found this whole partisanship thing to be pretty amusing. As far as talk of secession goes, if there is any, it is highly unlikely that secession will actually occur. While the Texans (like many) are upset over the tax issue, I think that this “partisanship” quote was mentioned simply for the purpose of buying support for that upcoming election! I think that this man was pretty daring to speak out against the federal government in this manner, but that our state leaders are not actually foolish enough to do more than talk about secession.
    Actual secession is obviously not the issue here. As far as the talking about the matter goes, the only other mention about secession I can see is other state leaders mentioning how foolish the very thought of this secession is. I can’t even believe that thought would cross his mind. I don’t think he had intentions towards secessions, just that he wanted to point out that Texas is capable of stability (maybe without the fed gov.)

  7. Our country is filled with many different views on any subject that is brought up. Right now the economy is the thing to talk about. People get railed up when they talk about this because it is their money that is being affected by this. They hate seeing money thrown at companies. Do I think a partisanship will come about because of the secession? No I do not. The different views within our nation are the way the United States works. We cannot split apart at a time like this we need people to come together and do what is necessary for the economy. Rick Perry is not helping the situation by making remarks about Texas being a republic. They are a part the United States as much as any other state. Also he compares Texas and the civil war. If Texas decides to leave the Union he thinks the United States would go to war with Texas. That never would happen so we would not lose all of those lives. Perry also says something about Jim Crow laws which are inaccurate. Lastly the civil war was fought over the south wanting to become its own country because the north was pressuring it to change. The United States is not pressuring Texas to leave the union they just want to leave. Texas is just feed up with paying taxes to bail out the companies that don’t have anything to do with them.

  8. I think the idea of seccesion is a good idea for some circumstances but for one of the United States to do it, no its not a good idea. I think that they will end up not leaving. Perry is just trying to get attention and trying to get a point across. He is also trying to show that if Texas did leave they could actually support themselves without the feds. Yeah we are in a economic crises and yeah this is one of the most expensive wars ever. but seceeding is not the way to get away from taxes.

  9. i highly doubt texas will leave the u.s.n Texas has always been the state to stand out and do things their own way( that is why they are called the lone star state.) i think this whole entire thing will just blow over and nothing will happen. Even if texas does leave the United States because of this partisanahip another civil war won’t happen . Texas doesn’t have the power to take on the whole United states army by themselves. I Really don’t think texas will leave the U.S

    myles Williams

  10. I can see Texas continue to talk about succession. I think that Texas thinks that if they continue to talk about succeeding, have TEA parties, and complain about taxes, then the government will do what they want. However, I do not think they are making that big of an impact for a change. People protest things all the time and the government does nothing. If Texas were to succeed then the government might lower the taxes because they would see how serious they are. Although, I do not think they will succeed because there is no way they can survive as their own country. The states depend on the government way too much. I feel that Texas has not really thought through the decision of succeeding. I also think that Perry should really reconsider what he is saying and doing, especially with the reelection. He might be making the people happy by protesting and threats but he is not making the government. The government will not be very welcoming if he does get the Republican nomination.

    Allison L.

  11. I think it is funny how he is trying to thretin us with his talk of secession. Plus teaxens are not the only ones dealing with economice problems. I think they need to man up and take responsibility instead of backing out right when it gets hard. It is great how the republicans and democrats are always fighting and arguing about something. But I think it is bull that they are saying after they decided to be with us after the civil war that they will just lkeave when it gets rugh. Perry to me is just a little child I don’t think he is the right man for the job. I understand that most of are tax money goes on helping the war but I feel it is crap to help out people that from the begging wanted us dead. It just doesn’t make sence to me why we need to give them money. I don’t know anymore about anything

  12. I think that the thought of any state succeeding in modern-day times is ridiculous. It would be impossible for a state to be so divided with the rest of the country that it just would not happen. I don’t think a state would be able to succeed physically because the federal government controls the military and the state national guards. I don’t think that the population of the state would be able to give up the freedom that America offers and would not allow the state government to take any action. I also don’t think that any politician would be stupid enough to even suggest it. It would be political suicide. The politician would be forced out of the legislature out of fear of retaliation. He would also probably be stonewalled. No one would speak to him and no one would help him. Trying to secede from America in modern day times is one of the most stupid and lucrative things I have ever heard.

  13. The partisanship may lead to more talk of secession, but I don’t think any state would be foolish enough or unified enought to actually attempt such an endeavor. Back in the 1800s the states still felt, to some degree, like their seperate countries. Today, while there is a bit of state patriotism, most people view themselves first and foremost as citizes of the UNITED States and don’t really have any strong allegience to their specific state.
    The rift between north and south however, is a very familiar and distrubing one. Even though it won’t realistically lead to civil war, the partisanship is certainly going to make it much more difficult for the country to work through our current economic crisis.
    As Wickersham said, it is quite obvious Perry was jumping on the bandwagon of secession rhetoric to impress voters. Politicians see this new (and very enthusiastic) TEA movement as an opportunity to get ardent supporers. What they don’t consider is how damaging it is to the national psyche. It is seperating us at exactly the time when we need unity.

  14. Judging by history, particularly the civil war and post civil war era, I sincerely doubt that any states (especially a single state) would even seriously consider seceding from the union. This threat seems to be a thinly veiled ploy for attention from Washington on the subject of taxes, as well as a worried governor attempting to gather reelection votes. I doubt that this threat will really amount to anything at all, even if other states decided to join Texas. A civil war in this current economic depression would devastate the country, and utterly destroy the United States as a world power. Furthermore, Texans need only to read a history textbook to see how their secession from the union would ultimately end up as. The states, republicans and democrats alike, need to put aside their differences and work together towards building a better and stronger union.

  15. Partisanship will always be there, and it always has been it is what our entire system of government is founded on. Compromise is what brings change. These modern day secessionists seem to have forgotten that. On top of that what makes these states think that once they secede, that the other nations will consider them as a legitimate nation. What will they found their currency on because they certainly can’t have the greenback anymore. Who wants to trade with a country that has, for all intents and purposes, a currency without any value. Sure they can use fiat money, but what stability can a week old government really have? Ontop of that who will protect them from invasion or attack, that won’t be the good Ol’ U.S. Of A either. So go ahead make our day just try and leave see where that takes you, I bet you I can guess, right back to DC crying for a spot in the Union. This whole talk of secession gets us nowhere, and even with the parties being split the way they are right now, it is only a matter of time before they figure that out on their own.

  16. The way I see it secession in present day United States is next to impossible. There is no way any states could get away with it, and to me any talks of it are just plain stupid. Especially with the current economic status in the U.S. right now. Secession would just weaken the nation as a whole, and the state that seceded would have virtually no power whatsoever. On top of that don’t forget that we are at war right now, spending billions of dollars in Iraq. This guy Perry is a joke if he actually thinks that just because Texas is called “The Lone Star State”, they can get away with being a true loner. I mean if you really think about it the idea of secession in the year 2009 is just completely ludicrous. I say partisanship schmartisanship the whole idea of this actually angers me to an extent.

  17. The whole talk about secession in these United States is ridiculous because the idea of one state not wanting to be a part of this problem is just babyish. Don’t they understand that NO ONE wants things with the economy how they are? They can’t just run away, it’s just as much as their problem as it is with any state. Rick Perry needs to see that both political parties are split for a reason, and secession in this time and state, is utterly out of the question. The Government controls everything these days and even if they do talk about seceding, it wouldn’t be possible; it’s all their heads. Today was the first I have heard about this TEA idea. But I do have to agree with what it stands for-Taxed Enough Already. Although, I personally don’t pay taxes, it affects me through my parents. Also, Rick isn’t appealing to every source that he should concerning the re-election. If he truly wants to be re-elected, he better get his head in the game, because retaliating from his country, just wont do the trick.

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